South Sutor Project

Cromarty Courthouse Museum is staging two new exhibitions this season, both commemorating the First World War. In the first we are asking the question: What  is the future for the nationally significant built heritage on the South Sutor, Cromarty? The Cromarty Firth was key to the defence of Britain during both World Wars, but as the buildings crumble their future is uncertain.

How should we teach people about the importance of the area and make the South Sutor fortifications more accessible are the difficult questions posed in this exhibition, which has been researched and designed by landscape architect Ronan Watson. 

Ronan grew up on the Black Isle and had always been intrigued by the South Sutor war defences. His masters degree with Edinburgh College of Art provided the perfect excuse to find out more. As Ronan commented: 

“What I found was a complex and fascinating history stretching back thousands of years. Using this history as a guide, I explored conceptually how the fort could be reopened as part of an educational experience”.

The result is a stunning exhibition, that reveals Ronan’s imaginative ideas for the South Sutor buildings and gun emplacements using a variety of photographic techniques to inspire the viewer with visually beautiful panels. You can see more of Ronan’s work at www.ronanwatson.com

Cromarty Courthouse Museum is open from Sunday to Thursday from 12.00 to 4.00pm (seven days a week during July and August), and this exhibition runs until 1st July. 

Our second exhibition ‘Two communities changed by War’ focusses on how the First World war affected the parishes of Cromarty and Resolis, looking at those that went away and the impact on their families; how the the in-migration of thousands of soldiers and sailors changed the communities; how these visitors saw the Black Isle and what life was like for all those that remained behind.

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